Have more fun with this Firefox smooth scrolling add-on

Jul 31, 2010

Do you use Firefox? One of the great things about it is all the available “add-ons” that you can get, both free or maybe a small donation to the developer. There is a great Firefox add-on that you can get called “Yet Another Smooth Scrolling” by kataho. What this does is it makes your scrolling feel very fluid and alive, and fun to use. (Maybe it’s like iPhone scrolling; I’ve never used one.)

I wish the whole operating system scrolled like this. YASS is really easy to customize to your own tastes. This works great with a scroll wheel, Griffin PowerMate, or touch pad, as well as with your page up/page down keys. I couldn’t stand scrolling around on the web without it now. Hope it never goes away!

Yet Another Smooth Scrolling add-on for Firefox