Save money: Green up your workstation.

Aug 9, 2010

faronics.jpg For the past year, I’ve been using Faronics Power Save for Mac. This is a fantastic little application that manages the electricity being wasted by your computer workstation during periods of inactivity. Like when you’re out to lunch, or forgot to shut down, helping deliver a baby, etc.

This is a definite money saver as well as doing your part to cut energy waste. On your own machine, as well as for others who really couldn’t care less. I’m using the Mac version here but it’s available for both Mac & Windows. You can set Faronics Power Save to turn off monitors after so many minutes of inactivity, or put the computer to sleep after a different number of minutes. Hard drives can optionally be powered down, or the whole computer shut down after another period of non-use.

It is much more powerful than OS X’s “Energy Saver”. You have the ability to precisely determine inactivity; you define it for your own conditions. Thankfully, you can also set it so Power Save does not manage power at all if certain applications are running. I’ve yet to have it manage power at a time when it would be disruptive.

chia_mac.jpgYou can enter your kWH electric cost and view custom reports showing how much you’ve actually saved, in dollars and kWH. Faronics notes an average savings of $50/yr. per workstation. While great for individual users, this is an exceptional product for schools, libraries, or government, and anywhere IT managers are in charge of many workstations. The savings are incredible. Their site covers different licensing options. I just went with Faronics Power Save for Mac with 1 Year Maintenance Package: $14.40. They also offer some other great software worth checking out. Faronics says they’ve partnered with the largest energy utilities in North America to offer rebates that make Power Save Mac free or available at a 50% discount.

I can’t think of many reasons not to have Faronics Power Save on all computers.