Prepress Proofing

Random CMYK ProofMaster printed proofs are available for all print projects. Make all revisions ahead of time, quickly and economically.

These proofs normally match page proofs from quality printing companies, they flag unforeseen issues and can help as a guide on press.

Internal Proofing: Half-Price

In many cases, no one may ever be reviewing a hard proof before things go on press. It's risky for quality work.

If you’re not ordering proofs with your print project, but would like to enjoy a higher level of quality and confidence, this offer could be for you…

Even with great equipment and soft-proofing methods, it's not always possible to foresee every potential issue when looking at a computer display alone.

I will print out and carefully review CMYK in-house proofs of your images, and make any helpful last-minute edits before sending your image files.

Internal proof pricing is only 50% of my standard proof pricing, plus there is no shipping expense since the proofs don't ship out. Internal proofing has become a popular option.

It’s a wise option and very cheap insurance.

Drum scans

Drum Scans—when image quality is important. Yes, still doing them here!