Press feeder

See the difference

You'll always get high-quality print-ready images from your provided files, at a very reasonable cost. The process here is like video post-production work where experts transform stark, raw footage into attractive color-balanced scenes with a natural look.

That’s done here too, by a skilled, seasoned prepress photo specialist.

After a careful series of quick incremental improvements, your photos will look the way you'd like them to. They'll look great and please your most particular clients. You'll be happy too, and want to show samples.

They all need help

Seeing trouble

Typical projects come with differing images from many sources, ranging from beautiful, well-prepared professional shots to unattractive, poorly handled snapshots. Those photos will need real help to look good together.

Images that may look acceptable on your computer screen don't always look so good to everyone on the press sheet.

The good news: Nearly all images you get can be quickly improved here, often much more than you might think. Projects can always look their best and you can simplify your life.

Real value added

Take advantage of all I've learned here preparing thousands of projects over thirty years, along with a solid understanding of photo improvement using the latest methods and technologies.

I enjoy working with a limited group of like-minded people who still recognize and enjoy excellent print quality. They understand the value of a skilled specialist's work, they like to get things right the first time, and they love to satisfy their clients.

Who Does Colorprep Serve?

I mainly serve people who design high-quality communications and want to deliver high value to their end clients. Graphic design firms, independent and in-house designers are typical clients.

Client in viewing booth

I work with those who want to simplify their job. In less than a minute, with a few clicks on a web form, you can arrange expert custom processing for all your digital images, from any source. My clients know that their valuable images will be handled properly.

You can relax, knowing all the images will look good. No one wants any issues to explain or take responsibility for. I do everything possible to make things go smoothly for everyone.